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Unhealthy business practices 0

Unhealthy business practices

Real estate is changing fast in India and therefore is an agent in the business. Gone are the days when brokers do not know, and business ethics. Selling real estate has become a very...

Brokers perform many functions, 0

Brokers perform many functions,

Brokers perform many functions, they serve as facilitators, negotiators and intermediaries. But they are, in fact, are intermediaries between the two parties involved in the process of buying and selling. The agent takes a...

The Agency of brokers, 0

The Agency of brokers,

Industry: Freight brokers arrange transportation of cargo between shippers and motor carriers. Almost everything you touch in this day were transported by car carrier. The industry is huge. The majority of goods comes with...

One of the major “hidden secret 0

One of the major “hidden secret

Most crude oil and oil product traders, brokers and agents in the international “Secondary” oil market, do not make any sales or income. Have You Ever Wondered Why? One of the major “hidden secret”...

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